Is White Privilege A Real Thing?

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Is White Privilege A Real Thing? Today, the U.S. is considered a “post-racial” society, and many believe that in this day and age, equality is much more prevalent among races. However, the word “many” is mostly referring to the white population in the U.S.. Majority of white people often refuse to believe that they have more privileges, or benefits, compared to people of color. Throughout history, and even in todays society, white privilege has been an issue that many people of color have discussed. For example, research shows that white people are much less likely to be arrested and jailed compared to black people, even though blacks only make up 30% of the population, they make up 60% of the prison population. White privilege and the advantages received through colorism is very much evident even now in current times. One argument often presented from white people is the fact that there are plenty of white people living in poverty, so how are they benefiting from white privilege? Well in a report from the Nation Center for Law and Economic Justice, “In 2012, 9.7% of non-Hispanic whites (18.9 million) were living in poverty...4.3% (8.4 million) of non-Hispanic whites were living in deep poverty.”(NCLEJ 3).This report shows that there is almost 30 million white people living in poverty in this very country. However, yes, while it is true that there are also white people living in poverty, minorities (both spanish and black) together make up about almost 50% of
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