The Original Underclass By Marc Mcgillis

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In the article, The Original Underclass Alec Mcgillis discusses how after the Trump election, people began to place blame on low-class Americans for his successful election. In the article, Mcgillis explains why Donald Trump would appeal to this many Americans. Mcgullis starts his point by stating, “low-income whites were starting to mimic trends that had begun decades earlier among African Americans” (Mcgillis par. 2). Mcgillis explains that even though “blacks and Hispanics” were not flourishing this helped create the narrative of “white woe”. He sues these points to connect low income people across the board throughout time. Mcgillis uses two novels White Trash: 400-year Untold History of Class in America and Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir …show more content…

Elite whites used this class system to marginalize poor whites for their own benefit. The system has been used to marginilize poor whites by paying them a low wage, giving them little to no rights and keeping them from creating offspring. Harriet Beecher Stowe described poor whites as “a degenerate class, prone to crime, immorality, and ignorance. “(Isenberg pg. 218). That was the narrative that elite whites used to justify sterilizing poor whites at the time. The viewpoint that elite whites had started the marginalization of poor whites that is still seen today. The manifestation of this class treatment was formed to originally purge England of their lower class citizens. In White Trash, it states, ““Expendable people—waste people—would be unloaded from England; their labor would germinate a distant wasteland. Harsh as it sounds, the idle poor, dregs of society, were to be sent thither simply to throw down manure and die in a vacuous muck. “(Isenberg pg. 23). During this time citizens in Europe did not know the financial opportunity that America held. They just wanted to get rid of lower class citizens. These citizens could include; people in debt, criminals and even children. It was not until years later that others citizens came to reap the benefits of the land. Settlers realized the benefit of having a class system. If low class white Americans felt like they were better than blacks, then they

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