Analysis Of The Book ' Hillbilly Elegy ' Essay

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In the Rusty Belt of America there a minority group of people whose income level has surpassed the poverty line. Inside the state of Ohio lies the poorest white American which describes themselves as hillbillies as they reside in the eastern Kentucky. In his personal analysis of culture in crisis of hillbillies, J.D. Vance tries to explain, in his memoir, Hillbilly Elegy, what goes on in the lives of people as the economy goes south in a culture that is culturally deceptive, family deceptive, and in a community, whose doctrine of loyalty is heavily guarded. Like every poor Scot-Irish hillbilly in his community, Vance came from being poor, like the rest of his kind, to be a successful Law graduate from Yale Law school. As result of this transition and being the only child in his family to graduate from a highly respected intuition in the country, Vance thought out to analyze the ostensible reason of why many people are poor in his community.
To look how such group of people populates the poverty line, there is a need to clarify their creed. A set of beliefs which guide their behavior which often times derive from their tradition. In many hillbilly families, poverty seems legendary and quite normal in many cases. Although many see this as an issue in their lives and try to escape from it, some become successful and other don’t, but the majority remain adamant to new changes, or a shift of cultural norm. To the beginning of Vance memoir, and observer notes that “Their family

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