White With Powder - Original Writing

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Ashella had dutifully helped Brietta and Edana get into their dresses for that evening 's festivities. Many times throughout the process she had to force herself not to giggle as her stepsisters asked for increasingly ridiculous elements to be added to their look. She had plucked their hairlines to give them a more prominent forehead. This of course, had led to much whining and scolding from the two as they believed she was hurting them on purpose. They had acted like babies, but Ashella certainly didn 't say that out load to them at the time. When it came to dressing them, she put them in high collared gaudy dresses with low cut necklines and fur lining the trim. Jewels decorated the fabric of each, revealing how they tried desperately to show off their wealth, despite their mother actually having spent much of her parent 's money years ago. On their orders, she had painted their faces pure white with powder and had even been ordered to do so with their bust. It was quite an appalling process for her to say the least. By the time she was done, her stepsisters looked horrible with their gaudy dresses and hair styles that did nothing to soften the look of their pale faces and dark red lips. Their style appalled Ashella, but then again, they adhered to the idea of beauty that said showing off wealth was just as good as actually being beautiful. Needless to say she was happy when they made their way outside to the coach with their mother. The elder woman said,

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