Who Dropped The Atomic Bomb

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For many years now the firebombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki has caused much discussion, the animosity of the time has drifted away and the people of the United States have begun to grasp the devastation theses bombs left on Japan. In the United States this heated debate is 70/30, 70% of the people understand why the Atomic bombs were dropped and 30% of people have realized that it was far too extreme. However in our panel presentation this was not the case; of our four presenters only one thought dropping the atomic bombs was appropriate, the other three were anti atomic bomb. However, our one presenter that was for atomic bomb admitting said that although he supports the dropping of the first atomic bomb, the second atomic bomb was unnecessary. …show more content…

Truman, being in the midst of a world war, accepted their request without hesitation and so the construction the Little Boy and Fat Man began. This process consisted of hundreds of scientists; only a select few knew what they were building, and hundreds of factories to keep the project as discrete as possible. As the panel mentioned, a profound number of the scientists who worked on the atomic bomb stated if they would have known the government’s intention they would have preferred to stay out of it. Knowing that almost single handedly they had killed over 200,000 Japanese and plagued many generations to come influenced their views on the atomic bomb. However, not being given this information the construction continued and quickly, under the football field of University of Chicago, the atomic bomb was …show more content…

After Pearl Harbor America entered the war, the amount of support Americans had was incredible, there was no doubt that if it was up to the people they would have unleashed the wrath of the United States. However, there were people who believed dropping the bombs on Japan would have catastrophic developments, mainly scientists who truly understood the power in America’s hands. But it was out of Truman’s hands, after spending billions of tax payer money to continue the Manhattan Project and the increase in public support, the government would have had uproars on their hands if they decided not to use these bombs; still, our panel group found a way around this problem. Nuke an adjacent island where minimal casualties would occur to show Japan the power the United States had at their fingertips; they would surly

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