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Who I Am On the surface, it may seem like I have a perfect life, and in some ways that is true. I have been blessed to grow up in a supportive household and never had to wonder where my next meal was coming from. I have had a robust set of friends since a young age, and a personality for the stage. I grew up with an older brother, who is now my best friend, and two loving parents. My parents worked their entire lives to put me in the position I am in now. Not only did my parents majorly influence me, but my grandparents also profoundly impact my cultural identity. I am a Caucasian female who grew up in the middle-upper class. However, that is not the same story for my parents and grandparents. The struggles that the two generations …show more content…

Both of my grandparents worked long hours in factories and built their new life from the ground up. My mom was lucky to attend great public schools that offered her many resources to transition into her new life. However, this does not mean that my mother and grandparents did not struggle when they first arrived in America. In fact, they still face some challenges to this day. One struggle that they still face is based on the co-cultural theory. According to Daniel Chad, a professor at Illinois State University, “the focus of this theory is to explain how people in a co-cultural or non-dominant group communicate when talking to people of the dominant group” (Chand 1998). This is something very evident in my grandparent’s life to this day. Before going out to a restaurant, my grandfather will look up the menu so that he can practice what he is going to order since he speaks with an accent. The dominant group in this situation, native English speakers, also stereotype my grandfather as unintelligent because he sometimes struggles to find the right words in English to describe how he feels. Because of this he purposely associates with only Croatians so he does not have to use English a lot in his everyday life. Although my mom and grandparents could achieve the American Dream due to hard work and dedication, there were still many obstacles in their way to feeling like they belonged in America. However, now I

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