Marine Biology Personal Statement

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My family background is Latino and I come from a family that struggles at times, but is always willing to work their butts off just to provide things for myself and also for my siblings . My uncles who I consider my parents have always been there for me and my two older sisters, he took us in when my mother passed away giving birth to my little sister, after she gave birth to my little sister, she disappeared from our lives since her dad took her, but that’s life and i’m sure one day we will meet. My life is kinda depressing, but really I don’t take it like that, as of right now I’m happy and my life’s pretty much amazing, I’m getting good grades and I’m really focused on my school and nothing is distracting me and I’m set on the right way of life and nothing will stop me from…show more content…
My goals for my education are to graduate high school and go to college and study either to be a medical assistant or a marine biologist. I heard in many cases that a marine biologist is a really cool career to be in because you get to study sea creatures or even bigger ocean animals ,which I like to know where the sea creatures came from and how they live every day under the water and what they eat, however I also would like to be a medical assistant . Being a medical assistant is like being the right hand to the doctor , there job is to guide the patients to the room that they will be in and take their blood pressure check their heartbeat and also ask the patients if they have anything going on or if anything is hurting and then record it down and call in the doctor to come check up on you. Another thing they do is take out your blood and test it to see if anything is wrong . My choice to be a marine biologist or a medical assistant is still very indecisive, but realizing that i'm in my last year of high school, and will be starting college soon, I must choose one and study it well and get a
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