Who I Learned To Do The Wrong Things In My Life

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I have had many opportunities to do the wrong things in my life, but most of the time I chose not to. I’m going to be honest. I have done things that I regret and things that possibly could have been a gateway to worse things(situations). However, today, I am proud of who I have become and appreciative everything I have been able to achieve in the obstacles I have overcome. My family always refers to me as “the smart one,” for I have grown up making exceptional grades all through grade school, middle school, high school, and hopefully college. I wouldn’t necessarily say academic work came effortless to me as most of my family and friends would say. I would rather say that I am willing to toil for the best outcome in education; for anything in that matter. The reason for my inclination would have to be because of where I came from, my mother. There is a special place in my heart where I hold my mother. She wanted to do great things, but there was something always stopping her. She was sick. She had an illness that was caused by the choices she made when she was growing up. Which persuades me to take the paths away from her decisions. She had an illness that seemed to be hereditary, which affects more than seven percent of the American population. She had alcoholism. Unfortunately my mother never graduated high school. She dropped out during her eleventh grade year, and ever since that day nothing was ever quite the same. She started hanging out with the wrong crowd, and

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