Who Is A Doctor?

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Eleven years ago, I made a promise that I would never become a doctor. Of course, I knew nothing about medicine at the time. My family could not afford health care, and I rarely encountered a physician. But that year, I watched my brother enter college and give up his passions for what would become a short-lived attempt to become a doctor. He had been lured by my parents’ stories of successful physicians who are free from financial troubles. Disturbed by these events, I made a vow not to become a doctor but instead to emulate the heroes of the stories that I preferred: characters who leave behind insignificant lives in search of something greater than themselves. Years later, I sat in a coffee shop in quiet celebration. I had spent weeks developing a mobile application for a client and had finally found a solution to a particularly nasty bug. Suddenly, I felt the chill of cold air as the door next to me cracked open, and I saw a frail lady cautiously step towards the barista and ask for a cup of water. As I continued to watch her, she left the shop and took a seat on a curb next to a modest plastic bag, likely containing all of her belongings. She began to shiver. I ran to the supermarket next door and purchased a large container of water along with a gift card and a blanket. By the time I returned, the lady had disappeared. I eventually found her struggling to keep warm next a building vent. After a brief exchange, I knew that I had not changed the woman’s life with a

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