Who Is Beatrice In Dauntless

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The story start off the main character explaining that they are in Chicago, Illinois and they are split in five group. Each faction thinks one virtue is best: Dauntless think bravery is keen, Erudite love knowledge, Abnegation is pro-self-sacrifice, Amity hearts friendship, and Candor is into telling it like it is. Beatrice grew up in an Abnegation family. Every year at the age of 16, everyone in the city is made to take an aptitude test that determines what faction they should be in. when she took the test the results were inconclusive meaning that you fit in every faction. The next day when she went to choose she decides to join Dauntless—partly because they're cool.

Beatrice is taken to her new community in Dauntless. There, she meets the Dauntless leader, Max, as well as Eric, a young, frightening government official, and Four, he teaches the new recruits. Beatrice made friends with people, such as Christina, Will, …show more content…

A couple hours later tris finally takes the last. When she took her test, her fears were almost the same but she also got burned, and Rejecting four, and killing her parent. Every one that passed got injected with a serum. The serum controls everyone that’s not divergent. when tris found Four surprisingly he was a divergent also, they got caught and they took Four with them, yet they were going to get rid of Tris. Luckily her mother saved her before she got executed. But they were running away, and her mother got shot. When tris found her dad, she was sad that her mother died. when she saw her father, her bother and Four dad was with him. They went to go look for four at where they are controlling the dauntless, Somehow, they learned how to control divergent. They made Four try to kill Tris, yet he snapped out of it. Once they took out every one. Tobias switches off the computers. The novel ends with Tobias declaring his love for

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