Who Is Becoming A Pediatrician

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Having to decide rather or not if you are wanting to go to college can be a very hard decision. It takes time, Money and dedication from that person in order to achieve their goal. Sometimes it can be even more difficult if the person is an athlete or just even being far from home. Growing up I was never sure what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I thought about being a nurse and specializing in one of the fields. One for sure that I thought about a lot was becoming a pediatrician. The thought of getting to work with the tiny little babies all was made my face glow. One thing for sure though was I was going to play softball in college. I have been playing softball since the age of 4, that’s when my dad started me off in T-ball. While playing softball at a young age I had my moments where I didn’t want to play anymore, and my dad would ask me why and what was my thinking of the situation and my feeling. Then about an hour after the talk I was always out there playing again. When I started middle school I wanted to stop playing softball and just do strictly volleyball. My parents decided that I was not going to do it because they had invested too much time into my travel team now for softball. I decided that I would do volleyball in the fall and softball in the spring.
Going into high school it became the complete opposite, I no longer wanted to play volleyball and I wanted to become just a softball player. I realized that the sport was growing, and I wanted to

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