Who Is Cassius Clay's Personality According To Muhammad Ali?

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bee, Cassius clay at age 12 the career of history's greatest heavyweight boxing champion began. was After his bicycle was stolen in 1954. he ridden his ternew bicycle to a fair in his hometown, he parked it and kept it there when he came back to get it the bike was gone some people told him to go to the police. when he got to the police office the said why don't you start boxing to relieve angry so he did try in and he loved it. He was born on january 17 , 1942 , his mother was named odessa his father was cassius clay sr. ,he was a artist. when he got older he changed his name to muhammad Ali. He started to practice all the time in the ring, when he was not at practices he would think about fight. cassius was always the first to arrive at the gym and last to leave . A friend had to hold back an angry Cassius clay after he tried to lunae at sonny liston during weigh in, officials find him $ 2,500 for his behavior . In 7th round cassius clay won he won the belt. he his in a club called Islam Muslims, when an officer called his name to go in the army and he told him no again he ask a again he refused twice more then the officer warned him that his committing crime but ali didn't not

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