Who Is Harriet Tubman A Hero

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In conclusion, Harriet Tubman was a determined, brilliant, brave, selfless, and all around inspirational person that influenced so many lives. These qualities are a true example of a hero. Tubman never gave up which is one of the reasons she was such an amazing woman. Her determination and trust in God was so great, it could never be broken. Tubman had become very active in the women and black suffrage movement after the Civil War. She never stopped helping people; she was selfless. She fought for legal status and dignity and for the rights to vote. Harriet Tubman wanted equality. Tubman had always put others first. Her story and legacy that she left behind has been told even after her death. Tubman was brave, braver than most at …show more content…

She let nothing phase her. She wouldn't allow herself to be afraid. Tubman had to be brave, not only for herself, but for all of the others looking up to her. Harriet Tubman’s brilliance was a huge part of her success to free her people. She outsmarted anyone who tried to get in her way. She never once was caught and never lost a slave. Tubman went through so many times of trouble and hurting, more so than can even be imagined. Tubman was beaten constantly and severely. She had been beaten to the point where the only way she could survive was by the grace of God. Tubman suffered through broken ribs, head trauma, sleeping spells, and so much more. She never let any of those things stop her. She had a mission and she fought to complete it. Even when all seemed hopeless and lost, Tubman was a light in the darkness. She was a Moses to her people, the hope that had left so many, and a dream that people couldn't even imagine to come true.

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