Who Is Katniss Brave

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Katniss, although a fictional character from the Hunger Games, represents the qualities of a very brave person. Bravery means doing something even though you are scared and to confront frightening things. The story’s main protagonist, Katniss, is a mature, determined and brave sixteen-year-old. Katniss took a huge risk and sacrificed her own life for her sister, knowing that she didn’t have much of a chance to make it out alive than the other contestants. Rhetorical question? The silence said one had been chosen for the games. All with the same reaction but It made one freeze in disbelief. An inferno had swept through Katniss’ heart as she howled in horror. Prim was chosen, her external tears had save me all over as she began to make her way to the stage. Katniss knew the games were a fight to the death with only one surviving, but to her, Prim would not compete in a lethal game and she knew that Prim didn’t stand much of a chance compared to those who have trained for The Hunger Games. She realized that she had a better chance of surviving than Prim with her hunting and arching skills and sacrificing herself was the only way she could save Prim’s life. …show more content…

Katniss Originally had no thoughts of being a part of the Hunger Games, hoping that she wouldn't be chosen. Katniss could have made an easy decision to run away and give up, leaving her sister to die. She knew how slim her chances were and she knew there was no hope returning home. But she did it for her sister. Katniss' love for Prim overshadowed her fear for herself, which I believe is true

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