Who Is Kurt Vonnegut

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Imagine creating something with the best intentions just to have someone else burn it up for reasons you weren't getting across. Most would feel disrespected and decide to never share their ideas with society again, to prevent further humility. Kurt Vonnegut was a victim to this subjection, when his books were burned in a furnace after Charles McCarthy, head of the school board at Drake High School, thought it was too corrupt for the education agenda subjected to student's. Taking this into consideration, Vonnegut responded to this attack by writing a letter containing uses of pathos to denounce McCarthy actions towards his books. Everyone has a set of various ethics that can define a person to be very real. Throughout Vonnegut's letter he states expresses, “ I am very real.” signifying that Vonnegut has a real life and feeling like any other person. He expresses his anger and sadness that Drake has committed such disrespectful actions upon his reputation. This damaged his figure as a writer and his status as a provider for educational material. He explains how he didn’t even try to to make profit off the insolent act towards him, instead he claims that he and his colleagues have done nothing to do abuse this opportunity to make profit ( ). By stating that his feeling are true and taking the time to explain why McCarthy's actions …show more content…

After this incident occurring, Vonnegut's insults McCarthy's actions by comparing them to the american dream. Similarly insulting his personal being the way McCarthy insulted Vonnegut by destroying his creativity. This shows how angry vonnegut really felt over the situation and that he meant business, this persuade McCarthy to think that he is at fault. Moreover bringing up the “American value” to make McCarthy feel sorry for disrespecting Vonnegut and american citizen pride. This guilt damages McCarthy's judgement of himself and for the sake of

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