Who Is Martin Luther King's Rights For All The Same?

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They are all the same because they all talk about how they all want eqaulity and they all talk about how what they are going through and they are going to do to try and fix there problem. They all talk about what there fears. They talk about people need to except them for. Everyone is different no one is the same. They wanted everyone to be treated. They want everyone to be even and everyone to be friends and everyone to be fair to each other but they have to fight so everyone can be and have there own rights. Martin Luther King Jr his strenghts,devotion, and wisdem i life gave them there freedom. He help everyone blacks to whites be friends and they could all be even. The whites weren’t fair to them but Martin Luther King Jr fought for them and spoke for them so they can know how the whites felt but not all whites hated blacks and not all blacks hated whites. Even if Martin Luther King Jr did or did not like the white he was fair to the whites, and even if the whites did not like hime or the whites he was still fair to them no matter what. …show more content…

Every one was unique if someone was the same they would die. No one was given there real family if someone had a baby then they would take the baby and put all the baby’s some where and would give everyone a baby that they don’t even know. God wanted everyone to be different but the government wanted everyone to be the same so the goverment has full control of everyone and single

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