Who Is Paul Muni's Scarface?

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I always enjoy gangster movies; they rely heavily on a good performance by the actors. Gangster movies need a good lead performance to make the whole story believable and keep the audience interested in characters. Paul Muni as Tony in “Scarface” was able to do just that. He used this voice to show the audience how his character felt and his body movements to help add underlying tones to certain situation. His voice and movements are what really sold the character to me, and Muni was one of the few actors in this film who were actually able to easily sell their characters to me.
Muni plays the now typical overly confident gangster that wants to be the big guy on top. This is a role, if done right, can be fantastic. If done wrong, it could kill the whole film. Muni was able to show his character with what felt like ease. He was constant on how he used his voice is certain situations to depict
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His giddy demeanor further showed that the character didn’t blink an eye at violence, but instead enjoyed it. Muni’s vocal reaction to being repeatedly shot at made his character even more believable and better. He could have said those lines casually and it would have done the job of showing he didn’t care, but his upbeat voice gave depth to the character that I really enjoyed. Tony is a character that, from the start, was depicted as someone who doesn’t care about hurting people as long as he is getting his way. He shows his nonchalant attitude towards the idea of killing people and his over confidence in his abilities from the start of the film when he was sat in the car. This was during his talk about how he can run easily the business; he is seated in the car reclining. It’s one of those small things that actors do that make their performance more realistic that I really
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