Who Is Responsible For Okonkwo's Death In Things Fall Apart

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In the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, a book about a stubborn, strong man named Okonkwo. Okonkwo had a happy life and family in Umuofia until he accidentally killed a boy and got exiled out of his village for seven years. During these seven years of exile the Christian church comes into the Igbo tribes and starts telling all the villagers about the religion, later in the book there are a series of events with the Christian church that cause Okonkwo's life to start a downhill decline. After Okonkwo feels he has nothing to lose and wants to be away from the church so badly he believes his only way away from them is to kill himself. Okonkwo’s tragic fate is not his fault, it is the church's fault because they bombarded and caused a multitude of bad things to happen in Okonkwo’s life that he believed the only way to be free was to kill himself. The Christian church comes into Umuofia bombarding…show more content…
These little things start to happen throughout the book where the church slowly starts to take control of the village (Achebe). When the church mostly has control over the village Okonkwo believes the only way to stop them is to go to war with them, when his ideas are dismissed he then realises how much the church has done to corrupt his home. Not only has the church taken control of the village but they have also infested his life. For example his son Nwoye is very influenced by the missionaries since he converted, therefore they disown each other and Okonkwo feels like he failed at parenting and creating a strong child. Most importantly the church has influenced their own laws in the village making Okonkwo not as respected as he used to be because most of the “honorable” things he did were considered sins to the church. In conclusion Okonkwo feels the church has ruined his life in many ways and his only option is
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