Who Is The Family Unit And Marriage Under Attack?

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Since the 1960s marriage has been on the decline. Casual divorce has run ramped, single parenting is at an all-time high, and society is suffering because of it. Over the past fifty years the definition of what is family and what is marriage has been under attack. The upbringing of children should be one of society’s top priorities. Children perform best when within the family unit, yet somehow this is largely overlooked. A question to ask might be, why is the family unit and marriage under attack? And there are many possible answers. The feminist movement has a large role to play in this line of thinking. It is a common amongst feminist to under value marriage and family. They see the institution a legal form of prostitution, this a largely due to an evil chauvinistic era of the fifties. Family is a natural occurring institution, it is instinctive (Witte). Today, family is often viewed as being traditional or old fashioned and out dated. Taking an evolutionary prospective, it is preposterous to think that somehow humanity has evolved out of the naturally occurring, instinctive institution which is marriage. Marriage and the traditional family unit is key to the success of any society even today in the United States. Family is the building block of civilization; Furth more, higher civilization is not possible without family, which is male and female marriage (Prager). Family’s make up cities, cities make up provinces or states, states make up nations. The family unit is a
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