Who Is The Wife Of The School’S Headmaster. These Acts

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who is the wife of the school’s headmaster. These acts both show the sexual obscenity and candidness of both these characters, which surprise Toundi. This is very ironic because this because “one of the colonizer’s justifications for colonization is the spiritual redemption of Africans, who were considered barbaric and heathens” (Parascandola 37). However, the erotic scene between the mass-goes at the church contradict the notion of the conscientious and purity of Christianity. For a new convert like Toundi, who was taught that church is God’s house and is to be treated reverently, this causes questioning of his faith. Toundi recognizes this by saying “Up in the pulpit Father Vandermayer in his atrocious Ndjem was in his innocence…show more content…
The readers further learn that this is not even the first time Madame has done this, as the Commandant exclaims, “You didn’t even give it a bit of time before you started deceiving me out here as well” (Oyono 98). The shocking and adulterous scenes also cause further violence with Toundi. As Kalisia says, he will be “like the eye of the witch that sees and knows” (Oyono 100) and will be a constant reminder of Madame’s infidelity. Toundi is eventually framed as Sophie’s accomplice when she runs away with her lover’s money and is taken to Dangan Hospital, or the “Blackman’s Grave.” He knows that he will inevitably die at the hands of the butchers in the hospital, that even the small amount of money set aside for a funeral will be stolen from the whites and that nothing good came from associating himself with the whites and the temptations of white culture prove to be a bottomless hell. Right before Toundi escapes the hospital, he dreams that he was in the tree where Father Gilbert’s motorcycle has crashed. He states: I took off from my branch and dived headfirst plunging a thousand miles down on to that world. My head burst like a bomb. Now I was only a cloud, a cloud of fireflies, a bright dust of fireflies swept on the wind… then blackness… (Oyono 120-121) This very metaphorically filled quotation confirms that Toundi has realized his true African roots. He was a tree in the dream, an organism that is rooted into the ground. Toundi was rooted into

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