Who Motivates Odysseus Analysis

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Who motivates Odysseus?
Motivation is defined as having a strong reason to act or accomplish something. This reason to act could be a variety of things. The motivation one receives can also come in many forms. For some, the act for themselves; others act for someone else. Still others receive their motivation from another who has complete faith in them to accomplish their task. In the epic poem The Odyssey, by the Greek poet Homer, the main character, Odysseus, is motivated to return home by the courage he receives from the goddess, Athena.
The first instance the reader encounters the wise goddess, Athena, helping Odysseus, she is advocating to the gods for his return home. Athena pleads to Zeus, in hopes that Odysseus will be able to
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Poseidon is the only god who does not like Odysseus, because he harmed his son. Athena did not let Poseidon’s wrath overcome Odysseus. Instead, she calms the winds and takes Odysseus to safety on the island of Phaeacia. Without her help, Odysseus would have never safely landed on the shores Phaeacia.
The goddess of wisdom disguises Odysseus, in order that he might pass through the city of Phaeacia, safely unseen. “Pallas Athena, harboring kindness for the hero, drafted a heavy mist around him, shielding him from any swaggering islander who crossed his path, provoked him with taunts and search out who he was” (7.16-19). The Phaeacians are known for being very prideful in themselves and believing that they were better than most. This cloud of mist Athena gives Odysseus keeps him from being noticed and questioned by the townspeople.
Athena also disguises Odysseus into a beggar when he finally reached Ithaca’s shores, so that none know that he has made the journey home until the time is right.
“First I will transform you- no one must know you. I will shrivel the supple skin on your lithe limbs, strip the russet curls from your head and deck you out in rags you’d hate to see some other mortal wear; I’ll dim the fire in your eyes, so shinning once- until you seem appalling to all those
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