Importance Of Supernatural Aid In The Odyssey

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In “ The Odyssey ” by Homer, Odysseus goes on a journey to get home after twenty years the trojan war. The “ Hero’s Journey “ by Joseph Campbell represents the important journey the hero's take on their journey as a hole in the story. The fundamental parts of most stories consist of twelve parts to the hero's journey and some supplementary points. The three parts of the hero's journey supernatural aid, test and supreme ordeal , and reward and journey home. These are some of the most vital parts of the odyssey.

Odysseus had lots of supernatural aid that had helped him through his story and the journey he went on . The fundamental point of supernatural aid in the story is that Odysseus has help from the goddess Athena, who “ disguised Odysseus as a beggar” ( Homer 569 ). Odysseus’s role was helped by Athena's cleverness towards Odysseus . She was able to help him by using her god like powers was that gave him a boost to do what is right and get back home to be with his family again. Athena disguises him because Athena appears “ and informs him of the situation at home “ ( Homer 568 ). This part of the story is important because. Supernatural Aid helps the excursionist in a way that makes his or her adventure easier, but it also makes it harder for the aid to help after a while this gives Odysseus another reason to come back home to Ithaca is to fight the suitors trying to kill his son and trying to seduce his wife even though she thinks he is dead , as well. This

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