Who Wants You Be Touched?

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Who Wants to Be Touched? Society is plagued by a variety problems, rarely are the problems looked at in a positive way. “Never Too Late” is performed by the band Three Days Grace. It was released on June 5, 2007. This particular song is the second most successful song that Three Days Grace has done. The video has been viewed on YouTube approximately 85.6 million times. The video begins with some gentle acoustical guitar play. We are shown a little girl in her bedroom. She appears to be waking up from a night of rest and she is met by her parents. She grasps their hands and they start to dance and hop in a circle. The music then picks up into a heavier rock tone and we see a young woman being forcibly restrained and dragged down a hallway. We see tears in her eyes as she looks back at the little girl dancing. We also see that the little girl has now grown a pair of wings on her back. The music slows down again and we see the parents losing their grip on the child’s hands. We are introduced to a new adult in this section as well. He is wearing a sweater and appears to care for the child, but he shows some hesitation when he goes to touch her. The heavier rock music picks back up and we see the little girl dart under her bed attempting to hide from something or someone. We witness the young woman being shackled to a hospital bed. The shackles are soon replaced by the hands of the man in the sweater and we then see him flip the bed of the little girl and discover her
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