Who Was Responsible For Mary's Death

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You would think that Queen Mary was going to pay for she and Catherine did to Don Carlos and the two will suffer Spain's wrath but their undoing actually became their pro-doing. Here are the top 4 moments in Reign Season 3 Episode 8.

The cardinal is dead. Or dies, in this case. Cardinal Morel was responsible for bringing the late King Francis' liver to court. The blackened liver was proof that he was poisoned and that Catherine, his own mother, was the one responsible. To prove her innocence, Catherine, with the help of Bash, found out that the embalmer never cut open Francis' body and left quickly, carrying with him a huge sum of money. To prove she did not commit the abominable crime, she brought her son's corpse with her for all to see
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Mary found out that Narcisse was not the good man he seems and decided to tell her best friend Lola that he manipulated her into marrying him by scaring her with the rat-in-the-tub. Confronting him, she found out that Narcisse killed his own secretary, the one who wrote the note. She decided then and there that her love for him was over.
Catherine dresses herself as a poor man. She never did that, ever. Catherine, with the help of Mary, disguised herself as a pauper and escaped the castle. The costume was flea-infested which is worse compared to the ragged gowns she wore in the dungeons.
Last but not the least, Don Carlos wakes up and calls Mary "Pretty!". Finally, Mary and Catherine get to keep their provocative encounter with the Prince a secret because when Don Carlos woke up, he can't remember anything. However, the poor royal did not only lose his memory but also his mobility on his right side and his ability to speak properly. Regardless of this, and to save Scotland, she decides to marry him. Now, Scotland is able to eat with the gifted grain from the prince and maybe, just maybe, win the war against England.
Does this top your list for Mary's Adventures? Mary is engaged again and we just have to watch for the next episode airing on Friday at 8:00 PM ET on the CW to learn
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