Who Was Responsible For Romeo And Juliet's Death

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People say that it’s Romeo and Juliet’s fault because they died. The real reason why they died was because of their family feud. If their families would have gotten along they would have never had hidden their love from their families. Their families wouldn’t have to get to funerals now if they just got along and they would just go through a wedding. These are, why they get to sit at funerals all day instead of going to a wedding where no one dies. People believe that it’s Romeo and Juliet’s fault for their death. They think that it was their choice to kill themselves so it can’t be anyone else’s fault for their death. If their family’s actually liked each other they would have never killed themselves and would have lived a nice full life together. If their families didn’t care about Romeo and Juliet being in love they would have never killed themselves and let them be together and stopped the fighting. These are the reasons why they are not responsible for their deaths. The family feud had a part of Romeo and Juliet’s death if they just got along they …show more content…

Their families hated each other and which made them want to love each other more and more. If fate didn’t want them together they would have never met at that party. Why would they fall in love and kill themselves, that’s why fate is part of their death. They hid from their families about them seeing each other or they would have been punished and their families would have killed each other until one family was left. They were willing to do anything to see each other. That is why fate, killed Romeo and Juliet. This is why Fate and the long lasting family feud killed Romeo and Juliet. If their families never had been enemies, they would be still alive to live a happy life and not a life of death. The families, though that fight each other was the best option instead of just reasoning their differences. That is why fate and the long lasting family feud killed Romeo and

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