W Jacobs Legacy

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W.W. Jacobs Some people say that anyone can do anything. Take W.W. Jacobs, for example. He started out as a poor boy in a large family, as well as a fairly boring life at a wharf (Merriman). Nevertheless, he then excelled to be a famous and credited author still known by today’s readers. W.W. Jacobs was a great writer and his legacy lives on to this day. Jacobs was born on September 8, 1863 in Wapping, London. He had a large, poor family and his father worked at a wharf. He would often visit relatives to escape the boring everyday life that came with living in a cold, dreary town. As a child, Jacobs was shy and quiet, with fair complexion (Merriman).His father, William Gage Jacobs, lived to be 29 (“W.W. Jacobs.” NNDB), while his mother, Sofia Wymark, lived to be 43 ( “W.W. Jacobs.” Encyclopaedia). He would go on to be educated in a private elementary school in London (Merriman). Later in life, he would attend Birkbeck College (Merriman) as well as the University of London (“W.W. Jacobs.” Encyclopaedia).…show more content…
His work then grew wider and he became more well known (“W.W. Jacobs.” Encyclopaedia). “The Monkey’s Paw” is his most well-known work. Most of his works are humorous (“W.W. Jacobs.” NNDB), and he liked to give the readers surprise endings. “The Monkey’s Paw” has been filmed multiple times (Merriman). A significant amount of his work is humorous (“W.W. Jacobs.” NNDB), and mostly about the British underclass (Merriman). “Many Cargoes” was the name of his first short story collection ( “W.W. Jacobs.” Encyclopaedia). Over sixty of his works were published, though he didn’t receive any official awards. William Wymark Jacobs lived to be 79 years old (“W.W. Jacobs.”
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