Who are the Working Poor

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In class, we’ve talked a great deal about all of the aspects that underline the concept of poverty. From reading about it in our book, researching online, and grabbing a personal text, I was highly intrigued with the components that make up “the working poor,” it’s actual definition, and so much more. Before getting into the statistics, a simple definition of “the working poor” is that it is a group of people who spend about twenty-seven weeks or more in a year either working or looking for work, but their incomes fall below the level of poverty (USDAVIS, 2013). With this definition, it is understandable as well as difficult to take in because there are a lot of people that face this, and there are others that are even less fortunate…show more content…
From the family spending patterns in 1955, it is clear that it is no longer valid today. Tax time in poor neighborhoods is not April; it’s January. The checks that come from Washington include not only a refund of taxes withheld, but also an additional payment, the Earned Income Tax Credit; that is designed to subsidize low-wage working families (Shipler, 2004). It is common sense that you would not receive this credit unless you file, but some do not file and avoid the IRS; it has been proved that you come up ahead when you do file because you keep everything you’ve earned plus you receive a credit. As much as it is talked about, many workers prefer to earn under the table and keep their finances unrecorded due to shame, sorrow, not educated on the subject, etc. High interest may also be the most universal trap for low-wage workers. From research, poor people and investment bankers seem to have one thing in common: they both spend considerable amounts of energy thinking about money. (Shipler, 2004). With that, they have to juggle, predict, and plan, and every decision involves a lengthy step-by-step process. From research and just even walking down the streets of Chicago for example, it seems to be that there is the stigma that the poor are supposed to sacrifice, suffer, and certainly
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