Who is Responsible for the Establishment of the War in Iraq?

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After reviewing the just war theory in relation to the war in Iraq, it is assessed the Iraq war did not meet the requirements for the Iraq war. Michael Walzer stated that, ‘the Iraq war was an unnecessary war and unnecessary wars are also unjust wars’ (Religion and Ethics news weekly, 2009, Online). As a result, the Iraq war did not have a plausible cause or authorisation for intervention. Due to the failure to assess whether Iraq did conceal WMD, Weapons inspector David Kay argues that, ‘If you cannot rely on good, accurate intelligence’ then ‘you can have a policy of pre-emption’ (Hinnebusch, 2007, P.24). As a result, Iraq has become a case of ‘imperial overreach’ (Hinnebusch, 2007, P.24). Kay argues the US is able to bypass the UN authorisation by enforcing an imminent attack. As a result, political and military manipulation can indicate that the US can withhold extensive powers. For that reason, there has been a growing concern for accountable in terms for enforcing warfare. In particular, due to the nationwide protest against the Iraq war, political accountability has became an important factor in the democratic process. The government did not have support from the people. This implies that democracy can be questioned. For that reason, the public can hold a governmental official to account by changing them in the next general election. Furthermore, the International criminal court ‘establishes to help end impunity for the perpetrators of the most
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