Who is Scott Joplin?

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Scott Joplin lived in Sedalia, Missouri for a few years. It is known that no one is quite sure on when he was born but that he was born in Texas. People believe he was born between June 1867 and January 1868. When he was very young he moved to Texarkana, which is the border of Texas and Arkansas. He gained access to a piano and begun to teach his self. Julius Weiss noticed Joplin’s talent and started teaching him more piano, free of charge. Joplin went to Lincoln High School at Sedalia in the 1880’s. He moved to St. Louis in 1880’s. The first time he was known for his music was 1891. In 1893, while Joplin was in Chicago, he started a band and played cornet. After the fair was over he went back to the only place he considered home, Sedalia. Joplin played in the Queen City Cornet Band for about a year. He went as far as New York in 1895. He worked as a pianist when he’s not traveling. He taught many musicians, like Scott Hayden, and Arthur Marshall. Joplin went to George R. Smith College probably in the 1896. No body knows what he went there for since the college and records were burned in a fire in 1921. Even though Joplin went to college, he still did not have mastery of music notation. It did not stop him from being a composer. He tried to publish two rags but only ended up selling originals in 1896. He had to share credit with Charles Daniel. On some pieces Daniels was called the composer. Robert Higden helped Joplin publish his new rags. In 1899 they hired John Stark to

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