Who is Smarter? Essay

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Who is Smarter?

Who's smarter? There have been several tests given to young boys and girls to test their intelligence, the turnout has been that girls' overall average intelligence is higher than that of boys. Are girls just naturally born smarter or do the teachers have something to do with it?

In David Thoma's article, The Mind of Man, he writes about how he believes that women teachers are the reason why boys score lower on tests and don't do as well as girls in school. "At kindergarten and primary school level, in which little girls out-perform the boys, the vast majority of teachers are female."(121) He focuses on the fact that boys are more rebellious and outgoing than girls. Thomas believes that becasue most boys have …show more content…

I agree with Thomas as far as knowing that boys are usually the ones known for being disruptive and aggressive in class, but there are always exceptions. I don't agree with the notion that boys score worse on tests and at school in general if they have female teachers. As I was growing up I only had four male teachers between elementary and middle school. In elementary school I found it hard and intimidating to talk to my male teachers, but neither did I see the boys in my class finding it easy to talk to them. These male teachers were very seious and didn't have much of a personality. Although most boys are not really talkative even if the male teacher does have a personality. As far as I can remember, even under male instruction, the boys were still the troublemakers and the girls still did better in class. The boys looked forward to recess and lunch time. The difference that I see now between having a male or female teacher is that with a female teacher I felt more comfortable going and talking to her. They have the motherly instincts. I don't remember every seeing one of my female teachers treat a boy different just because they were boys or had behavior problems. They were just as welcomed as girls to come and talk to them.

Working with children now as a T.A. I can see the different behavioral patterns with some boys and girls. I am currently working with a kindergarten class made up of fifteen girls and seven boys. In this

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