Whole Wheat Research Paper

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In terms of today’s society, wheat is running our bodies down. This world is run by people and people are run by the nutrients that enter our body. Wheat is not one of these nutrients. If the world is run by people then why do companies and corporations constantly try to sabotage the human body? Society today has been taught to believe all the health trends, latest diets, and what gets deemed as “healthy”. Wheat for years has been held in the spotlight as the type of grain consumers should eat. The media tells society not to eat things like white breads and regular pasta and instead eat whole wheat breads and whole wheat pasta. The promotion of whole wheat and bashing of regular wheat is propaganda. Society puts wheat on a pedestal as if it is the superfood one needs in their daily life. Just like everything else in life, wheat has it’s flaws. Wheat does more harm to the human body than the average blind …show more content…

Just like corn, wheat has been transmuted over the years to suit the needs of society (1). Americans are consumers and thus have a high demand for goods. Because Americans have made goods requisite, companies must provide at a fast rate to suit their needs (2). This has resulted in the modification of wheat. Wheat has evolved unnaturally over the years because of the fact that goods are a necessity. With this modification, wheat has become terrible for the human body. The glycemic index depicts how a carbohydrate affects blood sugar and insulin levels.This chart shows that the average whole wheat loaf has the same glycemic index as regular white bread. This is apart of what companies don’t want society to see. Whole wheat is portrayed as healthful food and regular wheat is a unhealthy but they both can raise insulin and blood sugar levels tremendously. A diet that heavily includes foods with a high glycemic index have been shown to play a role in obesity and

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