A Step Family A Complex Institution

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Approximately forty-five percent of all people in the United States will marry divorce and remarry. Because of this statistic and the rising rates of divorce this is also making the number of step families to rise in the country. Remarrying can be very difficult most of the time and this may make your step family a complex institution. A complex institution is an institution that affects people in more than one way. For example, it may cause physical and mental issues and stress. On the outside we may see a very happy couple who has just been remarried from a divorce, but on the inside it may be a completely different story. One thing many people do not consider before getting remarried is the affect that it has on the people around them …show more content…

But, now all of the attention and what not has to be divided among the children and this may be very hard on some kids. Not only is it mentally and physically difficult for their children but it may be for the parent's as well. I know this from personal experience's. My situation does not yet contain a step family but it is similar to their problems. I have not been with my son's father since he was born and we are both seeing other people. It has been a struggle for his father and I both to think that he may have other mother or father figures in his life. Jealousy is often a major part in this problem because no parent wants their child to replace them with someone else. I have our son most of the time and my boyfriend spends a lot of time around him. My son's father often thinks that he will be replaced or forgotten because of this. I constantly see mother's trying to replace their child's father with new “daddy's” for money purposes or out of spite. I think that this is wrong on so many levels. If your children have a good father who treats them well they should never be replaced by someone else. A father is a father and it should always be the child's decision to let someone come into their life and accept them as a father or mother figure. A parent should never force their children to do that. This is

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