Why Are Synthetic Drugs Legal?

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Husband, Father of four, hard-working man; addicted to potpourri. Many think it couldn’t happen to them, to be in the grips of a substance, unable to break free. My husband was one of those the first time he purchased a small three gram bag of “potpourri” he had heard about from people at his work. Fast forward six months later and he is hardly recognizable as the man he has always been. The effects of synthetic drugs are non-forgiving, robbing it’s users of any type of quality in life. What starts out as a cool high, turns to addiction, when it is time to quit the real problems start. Forty-six days clean, and yet the effects of synthetic marijuana are still felt. Here he stands thirty pounds less with no appetite ever, it seems.…show more content…
Selling these products as a new high was inevitable. The most known side effect of marijuana is increased appetite, or “the munchies”, accordingly they were produced to help increase cancer patients appetite. Unfortunately, someone found the chemicals to provide a “high” when inhaled by a healthy person. Now they have become an alternative to marijuana, allowing users the ability to pass a drug test, with no fear of legal punishment as they can purchase them legally. Many health warnings have been issued by state and local poison control centers due to adverse health risks. Synthetic marijuana has shown many side effects in its users such as: hallucinations, elevated blood pressure, unexplained agitation, nausea and vomiting, elevated pulse rate, and dilated pupils. They have been known to cause bouts of paranoia, and agitation, as well as psychosis. Some teens have coined the “couch lock” to describe one effect - an inability to move despite being conscious (Wood, 2012). According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, there has been an extreme rise in the volume of calls to the center regarding synthetic marijuana emergencies. In 2010 there were 2,915 calls made to the center, dramatically jumping to over 6,300 in 2011. Regrettably, in January 2012 there were already 639 calls for help (Williams, 2012). Substituted cathinones also have many side effects. These include increased heart rate, extreme paranoia, hallucinations and violent
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