Why Build Solar? Essay

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Why Build Solar?

The question is, “why utilize the solar energy for our homes that is given from an existing power source for free?” A simple answer could be because the source of power in the long run is for free. The truth to the statement is nothing is for free because taking advantage of the sun does require some effort, but there certainly isn’t as much effort compared to the energy sources that we use today. More importantly there aren’t any severe consequences left for the environment during the process. The more learning and the more realization of how fast the quality of life is depreciating environmentally conscious citizens look to others observing ignorance for failing to come to the same standards of view. Utilization …show more content…

As time went on architecture in several examples exemplified the use of solar power among building became less of a resource.

The problem continues in present day because our current president has adopted policy’s that continue and further expand fossil fuel use. Bush has proposed a 20 year plan that barely touched on improving the efficiency of the United States standard of living. The policy didn’t even include the use of wind power which has increased at a rate that is only comparable to computers this day in age. The president has chosen to overlook the depletion of coal and oil, he has chose to overlook the damage that is taken place to our most vital ecosystems. The most obvious examples of the pollution can be found in the air quality. People are dying and several are becoming sick to smog produced by the mixture of smoke and sulfur dioxide. Acres upon acres are being destroyed at the mercy of acid rain. These ecosystems are homes to several different species and ways of life. The quality of life has become worse.

Buildings are the major contributors to the earths pollution. Cars supply plenty of the damage, but they are somewhat expendable where as building are here for life. Pollution from the heating and cooling of buildings exceeds that from cars. This is held extremely true in the United States where the average vehicle consumes twice the energy of 1st world countries. Electricity powers our

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