Why Canada Should Pursue And Combat All Potential Terrorists On A Global Scale

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As the nature of conflict has changed from that of interstate conflict to transnational attacks, the world must discuss how to effectively combat terrorism in a way that minimizes harm. Throughout the following paper, I will summarize four contrasting responses to terrorism, included in a document adapted from Terrorism: How Should We Respond, of the Choices Program at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University. I will then discuss why I believe Canada’s most effective response to terrorism would be a unique combination of Options Two and Four. I believe that Canada should embrace relations with the international community, and seek solutions to terrorism as a global issue. This response would satisfy …show more content…

This option states that full support of the United Nations will improve Canada’s relations with the international community, and strengthen the international response to terrorism, refusing any potential hiding place for terrorists. However, some argue that Canadian interests should take precedence over the international community, especially considering the failure of the United Nations conventions to effectively stop terrorism so far. Joining an international coalition results in supporting initiatives that Canada may not support, and for this, many criticize the ability of the United Nations to fairly represent and protect all nations in the face of terrorism. Option Three suggests Canada assume a defensive position by building national defenses, lowering the foreign policy profile and remaining low-profile for terrorists. This option maintains that cutting foreign aid programs, cutting back on foreign investment and reducing military presence abroad will allow Canada the opportunity to reduce its profile as a target for terrorists. In order to maintain this reservation, defending Canadian territory includes the establishment of a national identity card, monitoring of high-risk ethnic groups, allowance for broader communications monitoring, and general tightening of immigration laws. This option would succeed in helping Canada be prepared for the changing nature of conflict,

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