Essay Why Can't Things Go Back to the Way They Were?

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Jim stood in the kitchen, carefully organizing the assorted sizes of pills he was forced to crush and put into his son’s feeding tube every day (wordy). He arranged the pills smallest to biggest (largest), which was unnecessary since they would go into what the nurse called the “weekly planner.” Jim hated the words weekly planner; he felt they suggested that one of these weeks, something might change. He opened each day’s “special little box” and put one of each pill into them for each day of the week. He hated that the nurse felt she needed to emphasize certain things as if he was incompetent. The squeaky voices of Bugs Bunny and Donald Duck blended in the background as Jim finished sorting the pills. “Alright, buddy, you ready to eat?” …show more content…

“Look who’s home,” Jim said, reluctant. His palms were sweaty as he tried to pretend he wasn’t waiting for her. Lindsey walked into the house, her long black hair fixed into a tight, twirled bun. Her faded black shirt was stained with grease, and the bottoms of her pants were pink from bleach. “Hey,” Jim said, jumping up from the sofa, childlike. “Has he eaten?” she said, walking into the kitchen. “Yeah,” Jim said, inhaling. “When’s the last time you changed him?” She lifted the coffee pot. “Bout an hour. How are—” “Did you remember his meds?” She poured a cup. “Yes,” Jim reached for her hand. “I’ve got to go shower. Early start tomorrow.” She pulled away. Jim turned off the television. “Alright, buddy, time for bed.” He unstrapped Julian one last time for the day and laid him gently onto his bed, restraining his arms and legs, again. He kissed his forehead, gently rubbed his head and turned off one of the lights to his room. Jim looked at the football border that ran around the ceiling of Julian’s room. “It looks great,” Lindsey had said, rubbing her tummy, bright-eyed when he had finished putting it up. “There are a few bubbles in the creases,” Jim had said. “It’s perfect. He won’t notice the bubbles; the border will be long gone once he’s old enough to care.” “Yeah, you’re right,” He kissed her lips. Her lips had been soft and warm, inviting, back then. He pulled the door half shut and walked

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