Why College Education Is Important to Me

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“Why college education is important to me”

Continuing my education has been a goal of mine for some time, but I haven’t made the commitment until now. There are several reason why I chose to return to school after so long, the primary reason being advancement opportunities in my career. My other motivating factor is my daughter. I am looking forward to the knowledge I will gain and the ability to implement that knowledge into my everyday life.
In the past year, I have been searching for advancement opportunities with my current employer. I have found that the majority of available positions that I am interested in require a degree. Although not all open positions that
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USAToday (2014). I am thankful for the opportunity to return to school after so long, and thankful that I am doing so now instead of procrastinating and allowing another ten years to go by. After evaluating the benefits, I realized just how much earning potential I am not taking advantage of by not having my degree. “The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that persons with a high school degree make, on average, $626 weekly. In comparison, persons with an Associate’s degree make $761, workers with a Bachelor’s degree make $1,025 and those with a Master’s degree take in $1,257 a week. According to these numbers, a person with an Associate’s degree is likely to earn nearly $7,000 more per annum than someone with just a high school diploma, a person with a Bachelor’s degree is likely to earn nearly $14,000 more a year than someone with an Associate’s degree, and a worker who possesses a Master’s degree is likely to earn nearly $12,000 more annually than someone with just a Bachelor’s degree.” Gulbrandsenon, C. (2003). I can only move forward, and am glad that I’ve committed to bettering myself for mine and my daughter’s future.

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