Why College Is Important to Me

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September 6, 2012 Many people find themselves questioning the importance of a college education. They ask themselves, “Why is College important to me?” One answer is extremely crucial in todays economy. In order to succeed and have little or no struggle financially, you must have a education that will end up being a career of your choice. Not just something that you have to settle for. My reasons for a why college is important to me are not only because of money but it has to do with me and my life. I have always dreamed of being a third or fourth grade teacher since I was about five years old. My ultimate dream and goal in life is to achieve that dream and become a teacher. With out a education I would not be able to go into that…show more content…
According to John A Hannah, he said and I quote, “Higher education must lead the march back to fundamentals for human relationships, to the old discovery that is ever new, that man does not live by bread alone.” He is saying here to me that you need a college education to make it in the real world. Lastly, college is important to me because it helps me teach my children and others that if you want it bad enough you will stick with it and make it happen. It teaches me that I can not help others if I have not been trained and taught to do so. I want my kids and others around me to see me going back to school after 13 years and succeed in the career of my dreams. I want my family to be proud of me and I hope one day my children will see that you can’t make it in the world without a education. So I want to help others by encouraging them to keep going and to strive to do their best and they will make it and be able to support their family like I am trying to do. As Sylvia Porter once said, “Invest in yourself and your education. There’s nothing better.” I have made that quote my motto until I finish schooling. As you can see, college is important to me in several different ways. The job and career field is limited wthout a education, my dreams and goals to become a teacher can not be met without going to college and I will not be able to support my family and teach my kids and others around me unless I have been through college myself and experienced it all. So yes
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