Why College Is Becoming A Goal

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When it comes to college, it is becoming increasingly clear that a college degree alone does not guarantee a job. As a college student, I see many students doing the bare minimum amount of work to pass a course due to the belief that a degree will get them a job upon graduation. The problem with this philosophy is that college is becoming a goal for more and more high school students and going to college after high school is becoming the norm. This increase in students means greater competition upon graduation and so achieving the bare minimum for graduation no longer suffices. The students involved in extracurricular activities and the ones that pull off the best grade point averages (GPA) are the ones most likely to succeed, but even …show more content…

The point of a class is to teach skills that can be used in future classes or translated into everyday life. As a professor of mine once told me, he has the most respect for students who take notes in class and then review them for about ten minutes later that day to make sure they understand them and do not have any questions because those are the students who only have to review for a short while before a test since they have already learned the material. In this lies my first piece of advice. Take the time to do the readings assigned and really work through them to ensure the material is understood. Underline and write ideas in the margins of textbooks, take clear and concise notes, and do practice problems because these activities result in enormous benefits. Personally, I have read through material only to have to reread it because I realized I could not remember or understand what I had read. This is only a waste of time and it does not help get one through a course. Additionally, I was able to give the piece of advice from my professor because I have taken the time to get to know my professors. The beauty of a small school is that a student can talk to a professor individually. Even if it is just a regular conversation, taking the time to get to know professors shows that a student is interested in learning and it makes it easier to receive attention outside of

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