Why Did Communism Fail

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Communism is a totalitarian government that is supposed to mean complete and total equality, but at times in history this type of government became too oppressive causing the popularity to decline.

Communism was created by Karl Marx. "Karl Marx was born in 1818 in Trier Prussia. Marx started writing for the liberal democratic newspaper, which was banned for being too radical"( staff). He used the newspaper to express his political views however most political figures did not want to give up power or give the working class ideas to unionize. Therefore "Later Marx was expelled from Prussia because of the articles he published. Once in England he was drafted to write for the "Communist Manifesto" ( staff). "In 1848 Marx left Belgium before he could be expelled by the government …show more content…

"He died before finishing some of his writings, but during his life he participated in many international workers’ movement's that went along with his personal revolutionary ideas." ( staff) These ideas shaped communism into how it was later and even still used …show more content…

For instance, Ludwig von Mises wrote about how communism would fail due to multiple reasons. One of those reasons being that in a communist country there would be no was to regulate free markets which would have worked as a guide for planning production. Another problem was how oppressive Russia became"(Bettina Greaves). The oppressive nature of communism made the government system decrease in popularity. "The oppressive government soon resulted in starvation during the 1920s and 30s" (Bettina Greaves). However communism didn’t completely fail, in fact there are still communists countries today like Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, China, and North Korea (Matt

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