Why Did Hollywood Change The Story Of Beowulf

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Why Did Hollywood Change the Story Of Beowulf?
Watching movies is fun, the audience gets to experience different adventures, scares, and laughs. Unfortunately the movie is not always the same as the original story. Beowulf is one of these examples. But why does Hollywood change a story, why not play it in the exact form? If the movie is different from the story, how do viewers know that the story is accurate? Beowulf is one hell of an adventure. Slaying demons and dragons and even evil dark queens. But the movie compared to the epic is very different. In the movie, instead of Grendel attacking at night, he attacked while people had been awake just to add more adventure in the movie, but also, Beowulf is not entirely honest in the movie like he is in the epic. An example of this shows when he is slaying Grendel, he takes off all of his armor and clothes to give this naked, weaponless demon a fighting chance. Yes, Beowulf put up an intense fight with his demon to kill him, but Beowulf ended up killing him with the door of the room and taking the demon’s arm off with it. This is considered using a weapon, but making Beowulf kill the demon with the door gave him a chance to add more of the adventure to the story when he gives his “I am Beowulf” speech to the demon while the demon’s arm is in the door, defenseless. Also, in the movie they add pathos to the story line by showing after Beowulf left the island to go back to Geatsland, Hrothgar kills himself instead of just

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