Why Did Joseph Stalin Cause Tension Between The United States Of America And The Union Of Soviet Communist Soviet

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1. Identification and Evaluation of Sources
Stalin’s Curse
This historical investigation assesses the following question: To what extent did Joseph Stalin cause tension between the United States of America and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics during the World War II era? To grasp the true cause of the Cold War, research must include insight into separate ideals believed by each; the will of communism spread vs the will of capitalism to contain it; the anxiety of nuclear war; and the presidency of Harry S. Truman. The main sources will include Stalin’s Curse, written by Robert Gellately, and A History of Twentieth-Century Russia, authored by Robert Service. First, a book dealing with Stalin’s reign in Soviet Russia is Stalin 's …show more content…

Service is a Professor of Russian History and Politics. His book was a secondary evaluation, published in 1998. The purpose was to explore the actions of the Soviet government and its leader Joseph Stalin through testimonials of firsthand accounts. This source is valuable because it brings to light the intentions of Stalinist Russia and the conflict the USSR brought to the Eastern and Western hemispheres. This source is valuable as it gives an objective, expansive overview of the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. Its contents include details of Stalin’s actions and quotations of pained Russians. Rybalchenko claims, “You must lie down and die… Absolutely everyone says openly how everyone is discontented with life.” Service writes, “In foreign policy, he felt nervous about the USA’s ambitions.” Through both these, one can see into the terrible conditions Stalin has created in Russia. As far as limitations go, Robert Service fails to take a side on Stalin’s reign and therefore leaves the reader feeling confused on whom is right.

2. Investigation Joseph Stalin was one of the most powerful men in history. Every decision he made affected the world not only around the USSR, but also everywhere else. Such was clearly evident, especially in his opposition to relations with the Capitalist Western hemisphere and oppression of his own nation. Accordingly, Sokolsky describes Stalin’s

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