Why Did Lincoln End The Civil War?

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The Civil War claimed the lives of many Americans. It was a war that had more American casualties in its four years then any war the United States has participated in since or even before. This war had families and neighbors fighting against each other for what they truly believed in. Throughout elementary and high school the sole reason why slavery ended is accredited to President Abraham Lincoln. He did play an important role, as did many others, to put an end to the barbaric practice of slavery. Like any movie or play it would not have been successful without the hard work from all involved. Without the writer, producer, main actors, supporting actors, and even the people behind the scenes the play would not go on. The same holds try for putting an end to slavery. That without the U.S. Congress, soldiers, slaves, and of course President Lincoln slavery would not of ended back in 1865. The election of President Abraham Lincoln did add fuel to the already blazing fire in America over the issue of slavery. States that did not like the election results decided on secession from the United States so they could form their own country with their own president that would allow the continued use of slaves. In 1863 President Lincoln give slaves and other ant-slavery Americans a rallying point in the form…show more content…
General L. Thomas states that the newly freed slaves “have proved a most important addition to our forces”. The masses of contraband slaves was a positive for the Union Army and in turn the Confederate Army lost a resource. “Without them the batteries could not have been erected” writes Benjamin F. Butler. Also these came with important Intel that gave the Union forces an advantage that helped them win. “The most valuable information we recieved in regard to the Merrimack and the operations of the rebels came from the colored
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