Why Did Lynching Occur Towards African Americans in American History?

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When President Abraham Lincoln addressed the nation in his Gettysburg address he expressed the bloodshed from the civil war would bring about a “new birth of freedom” for the American people and nation. During the 19th century and in the aftermath of the civil war, white southerners engaged in a ruthless and never ending cycle of violence against African Americans. The white southerners engaged in violence over whether or not, after slavery African Americans would get full benefits of citizenships. The terror that was inflicted by whites onto African Americans resulted in 4,743 of African Americans being tortured, and lynched between the years of 1882-1968. Lynching has become the most disturbing and lawless act in American history. Many scholars and leaders have debated over the reasoning of such violent acts such as lynching during this time period. In the Ida B wells book “The Red Record” she explains that lynching wasn’t just about accused crimes of the African American man, but the lynching of African American men in the community who were Black people who were educated or business men. She concludes this by examining the different excuses the whites gave regarding the reasoning behind the massive lynching throughout the year. The first excuse to the rest of the world was to stamp out alleged race riots. Ida B. wells argues this couldn’t have been the case since the Negros couldn’t have…
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