Why Did Patroclus Want To Fight Between Achilles And Odysseus

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Patroclus wants to fight in the battle because the Greeks are losing, so he goes to Achilles crying and requests Achilles to let him fight. Patroclus suggests that he should fight with Achilles’ armor, and Achilles agrees on one condition which is that Patroclus should only drive the Trojans off their ship and not go any further.
Achilles says let the past be the past, the irony on Achilles response is that he is still living in the past himself and not fighting in the battle.
Achilles warns Patroclus to only drive the Trojans off the ship and directs him to not go any further.
Zeus wants to save his son Sarpedon from being killed, so he asks Hera for permission to remove him from the battle. Hera persuades him to not do so, because other

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