Why Did Tanzania Achieve True Independence Essay

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To a large extent, Tanzania did not achieve real independence. Through evaluating the primary pillars of a country (social, political and economic) and its growth in a twenty-year period it is evident that, despite, a change in governance Tanzania did not achieve real independence as colonial powers continued to control the country’s economy, colonial ideologies permeated through political structures, socially, the nation’s growth and longevity was inhibited as a result of decades of racial oppression and after independence Tanzania still relied on foreign investment and gifts.
In the context of newly emancipated African countries, true liberation meant being an equal to colonial powers. For Tanzania, this meant self-reliance, implementing …show more content…

After WW1 Tanzania was given to Britain and they ruled it until independence in 1961.
Colonialism made a profound impact on the economic development in Tanzania. The general motive behind colonization was the acquisition of raw materials for economic development in Germany. Tanzania was a supplier of raw materials like minerals and agricultural commodities and a buyer of processed manufactured goods. These economic structures established by the colonial powers had lasting implications which affected the independent government’s economic performance. Initially, and similar to the USSR after becoming a communist state, Tanzania introduced a five-year economic plan. However, unlike the Soviet Union, the first five-year plan was made to implement a programme which depended on foreign investment to support massive, capital-intensive industrialization and agricultural development projects. Consequently, this economic policy upheld colonial ideals. Later, in attempt to reconstruct Tanzania’s national identity and off the benefits of capitalism, the Arusha Declaration was avowed. This was a blueprint that declared the implementation of African socialism under the name Arusha. After the Arusha declaration, the

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