Why Did The American Revolution End

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The American Revolution was about Americans who wanted freedom and to be self governed without the tyrannical rule of a king. However many people say that the american revolution has not ended or that it ended with the war of 1812, well the american revolution truly ended with the signing of the treaty of paris. The signing allowed us to be free of the tyrannical rule of king george and much more and was the leading cause of our struggles which ended the American Revolution. With the end of the Revolutionary war and the signing of the treaty of paris the American Revolution ended as well. This is because the American Revolution was about our freedom and deciding our own rights which is what happened at the end of the Revolutionary war. With the …show more content…

With britain no longer having any power within america we were free to decide how we wanted to grow. The treaty made sure that we were no longer ruled by great britain and had control over ourselves. By having control over ourselves why did we need the American Revolution anymore. Britain no longer had any control over us creating a self governed nation. By creating our own nation there was nothing to revolt against as we had power over ourselves ending the american revolution. After the end of the revolutionary war america and britain came together with a treaty to end the war called the treaty of paris. With the signing of the treaty america gained its freedom and right to govern itself but also something else. America also gained its independence when the treaty was signed. When the treaty was signed america gained its freedom, right to self govern, and its independence. When other countries heard of the signing of the treaty of paris they immediately noted of our freedom and independence and almost every country who heard of the signing recognized america for its

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