Why Did The Treaty Of Versailles Fail To Maintain Peace

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One reason why the Treaty of Versailles was unsuccessful in maintaining peace in Europe was due to the power it granted to the Allied Nations. As a result of the war, the colonial territories belonging to the Central powers were taken away as reparations to the Allies. Thus, all German and Turkish colonies were taken away from and subsequently placed under the control of the Allied Powers. These colonies were significant in the Treaty of Versailles’ inability to sustain peace in Europe because the Allied powers’ economy saw a massive influx as a result of the raw materials of the colonies. This contributed to further discord beyond the Treaty of Versailles, as the German and Turkish people envied the profitability of the colonies under Allied control and felt entitled to these profits. Furthermore, another reason the Treaty of Versailles was unsuccessful was due to the lack of sanctions it placed on the Allies themselves. While the Treaty was careful to act with severity against the Central Powers, especially Germany, on the other hand, the Treaty failed to set preventative measures in place against the Allies to limit the severity with which the Allies could pursue reparations. As a result of the lacking preventative measures, France was extremely aggressive in seeking reparations, so much so in fact, future agreements such as the Dawes Plan in 1924 and the Young Plan in 1929, which sought to roll back the aggressiveness with which the Allies sought reparation payments.

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