Why Did the French Loose the War in Vietnam?

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Q. Why did the French loose the war in Vietnam?

In April of 1956 the last remaining French troops would leave Vietnam. After over 200 years of influence and rule, the French at last realized that the occupation and control of Vietnam was an unreachable goal. In consideration of the many blunders (both militarily and political) , and the outright ignorance of the French high command, any efforts to stabilize Vietnamese nationalism and to maintain french rule over Vietnam were thwarted. Thus the French were defeated by an inferior force, and the question of how such an anomaly could occur lies within the 200 years of rule, and the many mistakes made through out way. To completely understand how France could be defeated by a simple
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The first phase of fighting, is small Viet. Minh units setting up ambushes and initializing small skirmishes with the French, nothing major. The second phase involves bigger units actually attacking small outposts and strategic military targets in quick and violent raids. The third phase of fighting is the formation of battalions with the smaller units banding together now taking on full French forces in a fixed battle. Giap new that the phases of fighting would do two things. One keep French forces on edge, and to keep the big superior enemy force moving around setting up small holes and pockets of refinance for guerilla forces. Also Giap realized that the phases would also give important strategic experience to the Viet Minh troops. The troops would learn the strengths and weaknesses of their enemy in the initial two phases, thus when phase three was implemented, Viet. Minh forces would know to well the characteristics of their enemy, while the enemy would be dealing with a force that is unpredictable and shockingly larger than they had expected. France would find themselves in the middle of a war that they felt they could easily dominate. However French forces were unable to choose the time and place for their battles. It would be a constant cat and mouse game for the French. To make matters
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