Why Do Athletes Get Paid?

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Ever dreamed of being rich and famous? A google result will tell you something quite obvious, athletes make boatloads of cash.They are doing what they love and are earning lots of money at the same time.Sure they make a lot money , but is it true? Not entirely. In fact, some athletes are paid less than what a regular job would pay you. A beginner professional soccer player makes only $35,000 a year, while established players make less than $50,000 a year.This statistic is for the MLS(Major League Soccer) in america, where as european soccer clubs pay much higher because of the club you are at and endorsements with companies like addidas, Nike, etc. Let’s take into account some other sports, and look at players specifically.In the MLB(Major …show more content…

It is the same as in a business, if you perform well or are doing better than what's expected, then you get a raise. If you do not meet the expectations, you might get fired,or released from your team. We can also take an account that athletes are getting paid a lot of money because the professional sports industry is a huge business with millions of fans going to games each year. As it was said earlier, players get most of their money from endorsements and from the fans buying merchandise and buying tickets to see games. Professional athletes only make about 1% of an organization's total earnings. This means that the income the athletes are getting from organization’s is barely anything.People also argue that playing a sport isn't a real job so they shouldn't get paid.The only problem with that argument is how many people go to games or have something memorable,like a hat,from their favorite team.So, their argument means nothing as they are the ones feeding cash to the players, buy buying tickets, buying food at the games, buying merchandise, etc. The people who complain do not

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